Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Linky Day

Today is Link day.... because I don't have time to do much else!

A list of great places to visit..

Photo Packaging for Photographers... Great blog with information and ideas regarding packaging your prints/services

Tara Whitney's Blog- Phenomenal Family photographer.. Very popular, and for good reason. How can you not want to hire her after reading her blog and website?

Pink Ink Studios- Great new Design resource.. Blog Mixer on Friday too!

Free Photoshop Brushes- Very great stuff!

That's it for today, sorry to post and run. We're going to try and finish the floor tonite, we'll see how that goes.

And so that you're not left without a picture (I know I always love pictures with every blog post).. Here's a random shot from a bit ago..



Anonymous said...

Hello Kylie, I left a message for Lilly too a couple of days ago. I was telling her that I don't have photoshop yet, and so I really am loving your tutorials. I would love to become a photographer, and so I am starting to learn about photoshop and all your great actions that you have. My question for you is what are 'Brushes'? Also if you are thinking of doing a tutorial on that, it would be wonderful!
Jenn G.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kylie,

I know you like new ideas for your photos. I came across this great site with photo albums that are beautiful and can be used as part of my decorations. My guests pick them up and then start looking at my adventures all over the world. It is a great conversation starter. Check it out for your self at http://www.redlanternstyle.com . The prices are a bit more, but I found that they are great. The couple that I got hold 300 pictures each which is great when I go crazy with my digital camera on one of my trips.